Online Yoga Classes

If you lead a busy life, or you don’t live on the Sunshine Coast, and you are unable to attend in-person classes, then this online option is for you! 

When you purchase an online monthly membership with Living Waters Sanctuary, you will be provided with access to practice two online Christ-centred yoga classes each week. You will also receive a link to a special introductory yoga class on the day you register so that you can start practicing straight away.

These online classes provide flexibility to be able to roll out your mat, and practice at any time that is suitable for you. Classes will run in the same format as my in-person yoga classes. One class will be a 60-minute Stretch & Flow yoga class, and the second class will be a 30-minute Blissful yoga class which is a gentle/restorative practice, perfect to help you unwind and relax at the end of a busy day. Both classes will include a scripture meditation and opportunities to draw near to God and be refreshed by Him, body, mind, heart and soul.

To participate in these classes, it is recommended that you use a yoga mat to reduce the risk of slipping, find a quiet place free of distractions to practice, and perhaps have some yoga props such as a strap, block, and a bolster to help you access all the poses safely and effectively. You can always use a tie or a belt as a strap, and a pillow or a rolled-up blanket in place of a bolster. 

When you first join up, you will be emailed the link for an introductory class so you can get started straight away. You will then receive weekly links for the Stretch & Flow yoga class on a Tuesday afternoon and the Blissful yoga class on a Thursday afternoon. These links will be available for 2 weeks from the day they are emailed to you. 

Online memberships have been set up as a recurring membership, which means your membership will be rolled over each month until you request for it to be cancelled.  If you wish to cancel your recurring membership, this can be arranged by logging in to the momoyoga booking app, and in the ‘My Memberships and Passes’ section of your schedule, click on Stop recurring. You will then be provided with an option to forward an email to Living Waters Sanctuary and request that your recurring membership be cancelled at the end of your membership month. Please note that your membership cannot be cancelled before the end of the membership month. 

If you have any questions about an online practice, I would love to hear from you so we can discuss if this option is suitable for you.